WFX Dallas 2017

Our experts on Church Stage Lighting and Audio Design will be attending the WFX Conference and Expo in Dallas Tx on Oct 10-12.

Famous Stages technical experts on church lighting and stage system design will be attending the Wfx Conference and Expo which will be held on October 10-12, 2017 in Dallas, TX.

The WFX conference is the largest and most respected event of its kind in Dallas to be attended by worship ministry teams, worship techs, worship production and facilities experts, and administrators within the Wfx Network. 

The WFX Conference and Expo is a two-and-a-half day of activities focusing on worship, hands-on training, workshops, networking, inspiration,etc... More than 250 companies will be highlighting their newest tech products and services.

Famous Stages participants will be  sharing their expertise on church lighting set ups especially on use of LED lights, ADJ video walls, DMX moving heads, laser lighting and lots of LED wash, floods, and spots  on church production and events. Famous Stages Truss experts will also be imparting  the basic and nitty-gritty aspects of stage trussing lay-outs and design. Our pro-audio techies will also be in the conference to share information on sound systems, PA systems and acoustics design.